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If there is something that we love about this era of the internet, it is that there are always tips on how celebrities manage to look so beautiful at all events, thanks to their stylists and even they themselves can learn new things that we can also use in our daily lives.  Many celebrities use shapewear on red carpets and at other events to dazzle us with their figure, and they have many ideas that they have shared with us that now you will be able to use.

  1. Nude shapewear should resemble your natural skin tone

Starting with tip number one, if you doubt what color shapewear to use, always use nude. 

It is the main color when buying shapewear and when I talk about nude color it is a color that resembles your skin tone, there are many designs that have color palettes that resemble the natural skin tones so that is it the most important tip. 

2. Should opt for an outfit design that is complete and uniform

The second, always opt for a complete design that helps you in all the important parts or those that are most noticeable with your outfit, from the chest to the legs so that everything looks uniform.

3. A tummy shaper is the only design that can achieve a flat abdomen

if you want a flat abdomen, only one design can achieve that and it is a tummy shaper, you will see the difference from how you would have looked years ago just by having one of these on hand every day. 

4. Push ups are your best friend for a round bust

The fourth tip is that the push up is your best friend, choose the design that includes this in its design so that your bust stands out and your breasts look round at all times.

5. Recommended to choose one’s correct size when purchasing shapewear

The next tip is that you always choose the size you are, you don’t have to choose a smaller size for the shapewear to work, currently there are many brands that have plus size sizes and petite sizes so you just have to know your measurements to choose your size real. 

6. Always wearing shapewear to highlight curves and improve presence

Always use butt lifting shapewear to highlight your curves and give yourself a better presence, if what you want is to look curvier this is the solution, you don’t need anything else to achieve it.

7. Choose clothing emphasizing areas shapewear lifts and shapes

celebrities combine shapewear with clothing that follows that curve line they are looking for, that means they wear clothing that highlights what they want to achieve by wearing shapewear much more, do not wear baggy clothing if you are wearing shapewear underneath it. 

8. Shapewear should be shown with pride

And if there is one thing we have learned, it is that they show the shapewear they wear in a sexy way. If the dress has transparencies or is completely transparent, even if the shapewear is nude, you have to show the shapewear as if it were part of the dress with pride and confidence. 

9. A corset helps achieve a small waist at all times

Tip number nine, a corset never hurts, this small design has been the favorite of celebrities for decades so if what you want is a small waist at all times you have to have one of these.

10. Last tip

And the last tip but no less important is , use the shapewear with all the safety in the world as if you were not wearing it, the idea is that this will help you look much better and feel much better about yourself when you are wearing it.

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