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What Kind Of Events Would Benefit Most From A Mobile Bar?

For any kind of event to be a success, there are a number of factors which must be in place, and executed perfectly. An appropriate venue must be chosen, a guest list compiled (and hopefully there will be some attendees!), entertainment arranged and a bar set up, for example.

Fortunately, while they can’t help you select a venue or provide you with a guest list, mobile bar hire companies can help you with a bar and if requested, entertainment and even snacks, too. Click here for more info on hiring a mobile bar for your next event.

What kind of events can mobile bars be hired for?

Ultimately, a mobile bar can be hired for virtually any kind of event, but some of the most popular are listed below:


Mobile bars are becoming increasingly popular with married couples-to-be, as they seek new, exciting and convenient ways to jazz up an ordinary wedding day. With the bar able to be set up at a range of venues – both indoor and outdoor – a customizable drinks menu, themes that can be tailored to your specific requirements, and even the possibility of arranging entertainment and snacks for your guests, there’s nothing more appealing for anyone organising a wedding than a mobile bar.

Music festivals

Festival goers all over the world love to sing and dance along to their favourite musicians, with their favourite tipple in hand. With a wide range of people typically attending such events, the drinks being offered need to be as diverse as the crowd, and with a professional and experienced mobile bar company, that’s exactly what you’ll get. Most companies are able to provide a number of bars to accommodate larger venues, too, meaning that the only areas that might get crowded, are the dancefloors and grunge pits!

By providing all their own bar staff, too, there isn’t an easier or more convenient way to lubricate the throats of every festival goer, than by hiring a mobile bar.

Corporate events

If you’re arranging an event to help your employees get together and grow as a team, learn new skills, or simply let their hair down outside of the workplace, hiring a mobile bar is a simple and unique way to help things go a little smoother. With a branded bar design and customised drinks, you can elevate the average office party and give your employees the encouragement and incentive they may need to be at their most productive while at work – at least, that’s the idea!

Birthday parties

Whether it’s an intimate birthday party for your nearest and dearest, or a big bash with hundreds of attendees, mobile bar hire can help you create a party every one present will remember. With a wide range of drinks to choose from, the bar area and even the drinks themselves, can be customised to fit any theme, giving you ample opportunity to host the party of the year!

Planning an event and want everyone invited to be able to enjoy themselves with some deliciously crafted cocktails, delectable wines and a wide range of beers and lagers? When you hire a mobile bar that’s exactly what you’ll get, and because they’re so highly customisable, mobile bars can be made to suit any event, anywhere, and for anyone!

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