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Home Business Workers’ comp claims in Norfolk: A guide worth checking

Workers’ comp claims in Norfolk: A guide worth checking

Accidents happen when we expect the least. A work injury in Norfolk can leave you grappling with severe circumstances. You may need to take time off from your job, which would only mean more financial hurdles. Fortunately, the Virginia Workers’ Compensation Act exists to help injured workers, but the process of recovering benefits is complex and challenging. If you don’t know how to get started, consider meeting the attorneys of Injured Workers Law Firm for a free consultation. We have shared a quick guide that needs your attention. 

Know the critical details

  1. Firstly, you have the responsibility to inform your employer about your injury and the related accident. You have to do so in writing, even if your supervisor doesn’t inform you. The laws in Virginia set a time limit of 30 days for notifying employers. You could submit this to your manager or HR. 
  2. The workers’ compensation system is not about your employer’s fault. You cannot sue them directly, and filing a claim to recover benefits doesn’t mean you will lose your job. You don’t have to prove anything except that you were hurt on the job. 
  3. What you recover for your workers’ comp claim depends on many factors. In most cases, injured workers are able to recover the income lost and the cost of their medical treatment and care following the work accident. 
  4. It is not unusual for insurance companies to deny workers’ compensation claims. However, don’t assume that’s the last thing because you have the right to appeal. 

Should you contact a workers’ compensation lawyer?

Yes, contacting a workers’ compensation lawyer will ensure you have guidance and expertise. Remember, the insurance company will try to undermine your claim, and you may not know the tactics that claim adjusters are likely to use. Once you hire an attorney, they will explain the workers’ compensation in simple steps and answer your questions. They will also check and complete the paperwork and gather necessary evidence and documents. An attorney is there to help and fight for you, even when your claim is denied. 

If you are concerned about whether you would be able to afford an attorney for your workers’ compensation claim, we have some excellent news – Most firms in Norfolk work on contingency. Your lawyer only gets a share of your benefits, and you don’t have to bother about hourly fees or retainer costs, which is a great relief. 

Get an attorney sooner than later. 

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