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Home Gadget Hi Point Carbines 9mm & Other Great PCCs to Consider Buying

Hi Point Carbines 9mm & Other Great PCCs to Consider Buying

Hi Point Carbines 9mm and other pistol caliber carbines (PCCs) offer a great cost-effective alternative to more expensive AR-15s. Styled like an AR-15 but coming in at a fraction of the price, there are a number of affordable yet workable PCCs on the market, but how do you go about decided which of them is right for you? Don’t worry, as we’re here to help you. 

In a bid to find the most suitable for your needs, we now look at the best available PCCs on the market, and what it is they offer. First though, let’s quickly examine what benefits you get with a carbine as compared to their 9mm handgun counterparts.

Hi Point Carbines 9mm Offer Quite a Few Benefits 

Perhaps the most convenient aspect of owning a 9mm carbine is that it’s able to fire the same 9mm rounds that you have for your pistol. Compared to firing them from a pistol, carbines offer greater accuracy, great range, a flatter bullet trajectory (meaning it’s easier to hit things) and a higher foot/pound ration (meaning it hits harder).

9mm round happen to be amongst the cheapest on the market too, so this cost is one that appeals to high volume shooters, such as plinkers. Three points of contact (at the cheek, the should, and the hands) meaning that a person’s aim is truer. When everything’s considered, if the size of a 9mm carbine isn’t an issue, you’ll usually be getting a much better-performing gun versus a pistol. 

Some great options include:

  • The Kel-Tech Sub 2000 Generation 2 – this carbine can be completely folded (making it easier to transport) and is able to accept Glock magazines, as well as those made my Sig Sauer and Beretta. At just under $500, this weapon weighs 4.25 lbs loaded and has a rather cool design. 
  • The Hi Point Carbines 9mm – coming in at an incredibly low sub-$300 price, the Hi Point carbine is a reliable weapons that shoots well and softens felt recoil with its patented blowback system. It is quite heavy (at 6.25 lbs), but unless you’re holding it all day, this isn’t a major issue. 
  • The Ruger PC Carbine with an excellent reputation, this Ruger option comes in at a little over $500 and can accept Glock magazines. It’s a great looking weapon, but it’s also a touch on the weighty side, coming in a lofty 7 lbs. 

Hi Point Carbines 9mm & More For Your Shooting Needs

Whether you’re a hunter, plinker, or simply someone who wants to feel safe and protected in their own homes, 9mm carbines in all their various forms offer much. Some are cheaper than others, but that’s no measure of anything these days, as the Hi Point option alone delivers far more than the pricetag suggests that it might. 

There are some truly amazing weapons available on the market in this price bracket, so we’d recommend taking a look and going as far as to try them on for size down at the range. 

PCCs weren’t exactly sneered at in years gone by, but they didn’t get the respect they deserved. The more people try them out, the more we think that will change. So, get out there and take a look around. You might be surprised about what you find. 

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