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Home Health How To File A Hair Straightener Lawsuit In Georgia For Personal Injuries?

How To File A Hair Straightener Lawsuit In Georgia For Personal Injuries?

Many people who used hair relaxers and straighteners have experienced several health problems and injuries. If you are one among them, you have all the right to claim compensation from the manufacturer. Selling defective products or the products that contains dangerous chemicals without mentioning any caution can put the life of the consumers in danger.

Some hair straighteners can cause injuries like blisters, burns and hair damage. Usage of hair relaxers from certain brands resulted in serious health problems like breast cancer, uterine fibroids etc. Whether you are diagnosed with any health problem or injured due to the usage of hair relaxers and straighteners, approach the top-rated law firms in Georgia such as Stewart Miller Simmons Trial Attorneys. Check their website for filing hair product cancer lawsuit.

This law firm has the best attorneys who will try their level best to get the maximum compensation that you deserve for your personal injuries, caused due to the usage of hair relaxers and straighteners. Below are the steps for filing a hair straightener or hair relaxer lawsuit. 

  • Checking Eligibility: The first thing that you must do is check your eligibility for filing a hair straightener lawsuit. To be eligible for filing a hair straightener lawsuit, you must have used a hair straightener or hair relaxer and got injured or diagnosed with any health problem. 
  • Collecting Evidence: You must collect the required supporting evidence. Keep your medical reports, medical bills and other proofs safe. Proof of your product purchase like receipts and others plays a crucial role in your case. 
  • Hiring An Attorney: You must now hire an attorney who has good experience in handling these cases. Your attorney must guide you at every step. When you hire an experienced attorney, he or she will explain you the laws related to hair straightener or hair relaxer injuries in Georgia and lets you know how to proceed further. Make sure that you meet an attorney as soon as possible after getting injured. 
  • Trial or Settlement: Your attorney will try for settlement first with the opposite party. If that is not possible, he or she will take your case to trial. No attorney will force their clients to proceed with settlement. If you like the offer given by the opposite party, you can accept it. Otherwise, simply reject it. Discuss with your attorney before making any decision. 

Get in touch with one of the best attorneys in Georgia today to get the compensation you deserve! Stormy Day Nguyen Duy Tri • Wait for Winter • 2022

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