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How to Understand Asian Handicap Betting: A Complete Guide

The bookmaker analyzes the strengths and weaknesses of both teams in a game to determine the handicap. The oddsmaker takes into account factors including recent form, player illnesses, and home advantage. 

The underdog team will thus have an advantage or a positive handicap, which the favorite team must overcome to win the wager.

Let’s examine a case in point. The bookmaker may provide a handicap of +2 if they predict the underdog team will lose by two goals. This suggests that if you bet on the underdog team and they lose by one goal, you would still win the bet because the handicap of +2 indicates that they essentially had a two-goal advantage when the game began.

In sports including football, basketball, rugby, and tennis, handicap betting is common. For instance, the handicap might be expressed in points in basketball whereas it might be stated in games or sets in tennis.

What Separates an Asian from a European Handicap?

A type of sports betting known as “European handicaps” uses a line provided by the bookmaker to level the playing field for the underdog. For instance, your wager will win if the side you chose to back wins by two goals or more and has a handicap of 1. The wager is void if they tie the game or win it by a solitary goal.

Asian handicaps, however, employ a subtler strategy. The handicap line is set up so that there are only two outcomes for the wager: win or lose. In other words, there is no likelihood of a tie.

How can you place a wager on an Asian handicap?

Like all other sports bets, an Asian Handicap wager is straightforward. Find a bookmaker that offers Asian Handicap markets is the first step for gamblers. Before you can place a bet on a game, you must register with a bookmaker after you’ve found one.

Then, bettors must choose their chosen Asian Handicap market from the available Asian Handicap markets. Usually, these options are not presented on the bookmaker’s home page. Gamblers must first click on the match’s title or the “more bets” option in order to access this betting market. After choosing their odds and entering their stake amount, bettors should submit their bet slip.

What Does a Handicap of 0.0 Asian Mean?

There is no team or player handicap in the 0.0 Asian Handicap wager. It is also the same as a Draw No Bet.

A bettor wins their bet, for instance, if they placed a wager on the home team with a 0.0 Asian Handicap to win. The bettor gets their stake back if the game is tied.

Overall, the 0.0 Asian Handicap is a straightforward wager that is suitable for both amateur and experienced gamblers. It is also a pretty safe alternative for bettors who are unsure about the outcome of a game, as their stake is covered in the event of a tie.

What Does a +0.25 Asian Handicap Mean?

The +0.25 handicap is one of the most prevalent forms of Asian Handicap bets. But what exactly is Asian handicap +0.25? Simply explained, this type of wager offers the underdog club a 0.25 goal lead.

This means that if the underdog team wins the game, the bettor will earn their wager. Furthermore, if the game is a tie, you only lose half of your bet.

This form of betting market may appear to some gamblers, particularly new ones, to be a sure bet. Punters should keep in mind, however, that no betting market guarantees a win and that they should always risk sensibly.

What Does a 0.5 Asian Handicap Mean?

A 0.5 Asian Handicap is a popular sports betting market. It is also referred to as a half-goal handicap. With a 0.5 Asian Handicap, one team begins the match with a half-goal edge over the other.

It depends on whether you bet on the favorite (-0.5) or the underdog (+0.5) in a 0.5 Asian Handicap. If you bet on the favorite, this team must win in order for you to make a winning bet.

However, if you bet on the underdog, your bet will be deemed a winner if that team wins or a draw occurs.

Betting on a single Asian handicap

Single Asian handicap betting is the simplest form of this type of wagering. To put it simply, it entails giving one team a disadvantage in order to level the playing field.

Furthermore, the handicap is expressed as a fraction or a whole number (+1 or -1), and the bettor can wager on the favorite team to win by a given margin or on the underdog team to lose by a certain margin or to win outright.

For example, if Manchester City were to face Burnley and Manchester City was clearly the favorite, the bookmaker might give Burnley a +1 handicap. This means that even if Manchester City won 2-1, you would still win your bet because the handicap gives Burnley an extra goal. Similarly, if you give Manchester City a -1 handicap, they must win by at least two goals in order for you to win your wager.

One of the primary benefits of single Asian handicap betting is that it allows you to back the underdog without fear of a tie. In other situations, you may even earn half your stake back if you lose.

Asian Handicap Betting Split

A more advanced version of this type of sports betting market is split Asian handicap betting. It entails dividing your wager between two handicaps in order to limit your risk.

If you were betting on a football match between Liverpool and Arsenal, you could split your wager between Liverpool -1 and Liverpool -1.5. This means that if Liverpool won by exactly one goal, you’d win half of your wager; if they won by two or more goals, you’d win your entire bet.

Asian Handicap Alternative

Alternative Asian handicap markets are a less prevalent sort of Asian handicap bet. It entails assigning different handicaps to each side in order to produce a more balanced betting market.

For example, you may assign a -0.25 handicap to Manchester United and a +0.25 handicap to Chelsea. This means that if the game is a draw, you will win half of your investment, and if either team wins, you will win your entire stake.

Furthermore, when betting on games where the two sides are fairly evenly matched, the alternative Asian handicap (AAH) betting markets can be advantageous. Giving both teams a handicap allows you to construct a more complex betting market that takes into consideration both teams’ strengths and shortcomings.

What Sports Use Asian Handicap Betting?

Asian handicap betting is gaining popularity among sports bettors all over the world. It’s no surprise that it’s employed in a variety of sports.

Some of the sports that use Asian Handicap betting are listed below, along with a brief explanation for each.

  • Football. Football is the most often used sport for Asian Handicap betting. It is popular in online sports betting since it provides a better-balanced betting alternative.
  • Basketball. Basketball is another sport that lends itself well to Asian Handicap betting. In basketball, the handicap is frequently stated in terms of points.
  • Hockey on ice. Asian handicap betting is also available in ice hockey. Handicap betting is employed in ice hockey in the same way that it is in football.

What Are the Benefits of Asian Gambling?

Asian Handicap betting provides numerous advantages to sports bettors who want to place wagers on this betting market. Take a look at the section below to learn about some of the primary benefits of Asian handicaps.

A Leveled Game

One of the most significant benefits of Asian Handicap Betting is that it provides a fair playing field for both teams. This means that even if one team is deemed to be significantly stronger than the other, the handicap allows you to bet on the significantly weaker team and potentially win. As a result, wagering becomes more unpredictable, which makes it more appealing to bettors.

There are numerous betting markets

Asian Handicap betting is extremely popular due to the greater variety of betting alternatives it provides. Bettors can personalize their bets based on their preferences by selecting from a range of handicaps.

What Are the Drawbacks of Asian Betting?

Asian handicap, on the other hand, has its own set of drawbacks that players must be aware of before putting their bets. Check out the section below to learn about some of the drawbacks of gambling with this form of bet.

More difficult to comprehend

Asian handicap betting has the considerable disadvantage of being more difficult to understand than typical betting strategies. Indeed, Asian Handicap Betting necessitates a thorough understanding of the teams and players involved.

What Are the Common Mistakes to Avoid When Betting on Asian Handicaps?

There are a few frequent pitfalls that punters should aim to avoid when placing Asian handicap bets.

One of the most prevalent errors is failing to grasp how handicaps function. Remember that when a team is given a handicap, it is assumed that they are better than the opposing team. To be considered the winning team, they must overcome the handicap (negative points).

Another common blunder is failing to conduct adequate research. It is critical to investigate the teams involved and understand their strengths and limitations before placing any wager. This can assist you in making more informed betting judgments and developing better betting strategies.


Finally, keep in mind that Asian handicap betting is only one type of sports betting. While it might be a beneficial tool for some punters, it is not always the best option for everyone. So, if you’re new to sports betting, it might be a good idea to start with simpler betting markets like 12 before progressing to more complicated forms of gambling.

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