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Why Do Your Purr-Friends Fight and How Do You Tackle It?

The fierce and silly cat fights may often leave cat owners wondering why can’t everyone just get along. 

Although misunderstandings and brawls can be expected in a multi-cat household, such scenes on a daily basis can be appalling for people witnessing them. When cats don’t see eye to eye, constantly spew hatred, or hurt one another, there is a big problem.

Bites, scratches, and accidental injuries are all possible in those swift chasing moments. Every cat is a unique personality; one can be bullish, another meek and gentle. So, it is your responsibility as a cat owner to make sure the place is free from hostility, and the cats are safe.

At the same time, consider being equipped with kitten insurance NZ so managing unanticipated health situations is much easier. Kitten insurance covers testing, treatment, and medications for covered health conditions and medical emergencies up to the benefit limit.

Contemplate purchasing a bundle policy because having a medical financial backup can be all the more essential when you have many cats at home. In the meantime, read this article to learn why little furballs often tussle and how to resolve the problem.

Why do cats tussle?

Frequent cat fights can stress the entire household, including your furry family. This is precisely why you should take control of the situation and teach your furry little ones to live together peacefully or at least help them tolerate each other when sharing the same zone.

Cats may tussle for reasons like under socialization, not being exposed to friendly interactions or atmosphere, changes in family dynamics, the introduction of new pets into the household (especially when the cat had no competitors earlier), lacking social skills, territorial disputes, personality clashes, attitude change over time, associating an unpleasant or frightening experience with a particular cat, other past negative experiences, and drastic changes in daily routine.

In some scenarios, aggression should be expected. For instance, a mamma cat protective of her litter may react negatively to cats approaching where she keeps her babies safe. In a case like this, the mamma cat’s aggression will likely disappear after the babies are weaned.

Young kittens will engage in play that mimics hunting. You will notice that they bite and scratch, kick, swat, pounce, chase one another, and do other things while they explore the world and learn about things around them. Also, cats can pretend to be prey at one moment while predators at another. Playful aggression can be expected in growing cats and should not be a major cause of concern.

How to tackle it?

Kitties often go after each other, so it’s your responsibility to pull them apart when things seem to go out of hand. You can clap your hands or make a toy sound that helps get your furry family’s attention but doesn’t lead to more mayhem.

Let every cat have its resources, so they don’t quarrel over things. Allocate every cat basic pet essentials and keep them at different physical locations, so they don’t interfere with each other’s business.

Keep them in different rooms until they calm down, and slowly reintroduce them in a shared space after resolving their issues. Also, praise them for good behavior and shower them with some tasty treats.

You can keep peace at home provided you establish rules first and ensure every four-pawed member complies with them right from a young age. 

Yet, you should consider being prepared with kitten insurance in NZ because mishaps are always possible. Contemplate purchasing kitten insurance so your cat team can avail of quality medical care at affordable costs during needy times of health and emergencies.

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