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iPhone Hacks to Try to Improve Your User Experience

Featuring the latest in processor technology, iPhones are powerful devices that can quickly handle complex tasks. iPhones take the lead in security with Face and Touch ID authentications. Also, Apple’s tight oversight of applications and the company’s ability to push updates to more devices gives it an edge over other smartphones available on the market. 

What’s more, you ask? If you are already using a Mac, it makes sense to purchase an iPhone as you become a part of the Apple ecosystem and can sync data across your devices. For example, you can start a FaceTime call on your iPhone and continue the same call on your Mac without interruptions. 

iPhones already offer a lot in terms of user experience, and you can further improve it by knowing the following tricks and tips. 

Create Folders to Organize Apps 

Apps appearing haphazardly on the home screen will not work for you in the long run. Instead, the home screen will appear cluttered. You’ll find it challenging to find the app you need because there’s just too much happening on the screen. The best way to neatly organize the apps is by learning how to create app folders on iPhone

Create folders by going to the Home Screen > tapping and holding the application you want to add to a folder > dragging it onto the second app you want in the same folder. Similarly, you can drag and drop more apps in the same folder. 

Change the Default Apps 

iPhones come out of the box loaded with many applications, such as Mail, Safari, Apple Music, FaceTime, Freeform, etc. These apps facilitate users to perform different activities with ease. 

However, if you prefer using third-party apps instead of the default ones, you can change the native apps with your preferred ones. For instance, you may want to use Google Chrome instead of the default Safari browser. 

To change the default apps, go to the Settings app on your iPhone > scroll down to find the browser app > click on it > set your preferred app as the default by removing the native app. 

Take a Screenshot by Tapping the Back 

The iOS software has always been an excellent source of accessibility features. One of these is tapping the back of your phone to take a screenshot. 

You can enable this by going to Settings > tapping Accessibility > selecting Touch > Back Tap > selecting either double or triple tap > selecting Screenshot. Then, whenever you need to take a screenshot, you can triple or double-tap the back of your phone. 

Voiceover During Screen Recording 

The iPhone’s screen recording feature records system sounds, and you can even offer verbal explanation or commentary in addition to your screen’s content. 

You can do this by going to the Control Center and long-pressing the Screen Recording icon. Then, tap the Microphone button to switch it on. This will record sounds in your surroundings and enable you to do a voiceover while recording your phone’s screen. 

Fake Eye Contact During FaceTime calls 

A cool trick to learn is making fake eye contact during FaceTime calls. This will make you look like you are staring directly at the person or camera on the other side of the call, even though you are looking somewhere else. 

To do this, go to Settings > FaceTime > Eye Contact and enable the toggle. Now, whenever you make a FaceTime call while doing some other work on your iPhone, it will appear you are looking at the person. 

Adjust the Brightness of the Phone’s Flashlight 

Has your iPhone’s flashlight blinded you? Just like how you can adjust the brightness of your phone’s screen, you can adjust the intensity of the flashlight. 

The default brightness of the flashlight is at 100%, but this can be adjusted if you do not need this overpowering amount of light. 

Go to your phone’s Control Center and press the Flashlight icon. You will see four levels of brightness. Tap and then swipe downwards to lower the brightness. 

Custom Dark Mode Schedule 

The dark mode is a great feature and has been around for a while. Most apps like WhatsApp, Facebook, and YouTube have their own dark mode settings that can be adjusted within the app. 

You can activate dark mode on your iPhone by going to Settings > Display > choosing the dark mode option. But if you don’t want dark mode turned on all the time, you can set a custom schedule. Toggle the Automatic option and tap the Options tab to set Custom Schedule. You can set a light and dark time, so your phone automatically switches between the two according to your schedule. 

The Bottom Line 

These cool hacks will take your iPhone-using experience several notches higher. So try them right away and flex your newfound knowledge with your friends. 

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