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Get A Large Selection of THCA Flower Varieties

Being obsessed with vaping and smoking, you will surely want some more flavor to your life to get an unusual high. Let’s switch to phytocannabinoid variants, particularly THCA hemp flower. This tetrehydrocannabinolic acid hemp flower has its own exceptional aroma and unique delectable flavor. It lets you use it for a mind-blowing experience to vape as well as make some edibles, like gummies, topicals, syrup, etc. 

Are you curious to get to know where you will find such amazing cannabis products? Nothing more, seek a large selection of THCA flower varieties on Dr.Ganja. Once you land there, you will surely be amazed to see a long array of these phytocannabinoid buds along with their various forms to consume in affordable price ranges. 

So, let’s move to come to know what THCA strains and variants are offered on this site.

Get A Large Selection of THCA Flower Varieties On Dr.Ganja

Major Strains 

By the way, there is a huge variety of THCA flower available on Dr.Ganja. You can go to the site and choose any of you to love most. Basically, there are THREE appealing strains of this hemp flower that create a captivating sensation while consuming them. Just get an overview of these strains. 


When you want to undergo a calm and relaxing mode, take the Indica strain. Generally, Indicas are winter weeds and grow in a cold environment, especially in northern climates. They are mainly short and dense due to their environment. Ultimately, they’re a great option to chill on winter nights while listening to music or watching movies. 


Do you want incredible energy to be productive? Choose the Sative strain of THCA flower. Unlike Indicas, Sativas are typically grown in warm and humid environments and are long and slender. Therefore, they take more time to grow and produce buds. They’re an amazing option whether you’ve to do some physical activities or go hiking, or do any other task that demands more focus and energy.


In the last, as the name suggests that the Hybrid strain exhibits a combo effect of both Indica and Sative strains. As this strain is genetically inherited from both strains due to crossbreeding them. It creates happy, euphoric, energetic, uplifting, relaxing, etc., effects on consumers. Moreover, the effects may vary of Hybrid lineage as per the more association of one strain. Like, if it has more Sative in its lineage, the effects will be more like Sativa. 

Major Variants

Apart from these particular strains, here we have shortlisted some of the top-trendy variants among the dynamite cannabis collection at Dr.Ganja.


If you are looking for an exotic cannabis flavor while vaping or smoking, Jealousy is assumed as a great option. Trimmed peppermint flavor with an appealing mild pine and citrus aroma makes this variant a perfect choice for bar-going guys. Its beautiful dark purplish dense buds with light green patches grant a smooth and mild sweetness in its texture. Moreover, it also exhibits relaxing and euphoric cerebral effects on the body due to belonging to the Indica strain. 


Among a large selection of THCA flower varieties on Dr.Ganja, Mochi is also an amazing variant. Being the king of flavor, this THCA flower grants a sweet fruit berry taste along with a rich sour mint exhale. The buds have dense spade-shaped forest green nugs associated with rich purple undertones and sparkling purple-tinted trichomes coating. On smoking, it creates a vibrant high with super relaxing effects. But these effects are about 21-29% on average. Thus, Mochi is considered to be helpful for various psychological conditions, such as anxiety, depression, insomnia, etc. 

Blue Coma 

Want to get potent sedative effects? Choose Blue Coma as a THCA variant. The highly robust strain highlights a lime-green hue blended with a blue and purple coloration. Owing to the high THC concentration, it exhibits a shiny sheath of trichomes along with individual crystals and boasts an elegant visualization. Having a remarkable aroma, it invokes earthy and piney flavors with sour mint. Being the Indica strain, it produces an ultimate euphoric high. Meanwhile, it also diminishes arthritis, glaucoma, low appetite, stress, and anxiety symptoms. 

Wedding Crasher

The Wedding Crasher is one of the incredible Hybrid marijuana strains. The trimmed buds create a great blend of grape, mixed berry, and vanilla flavors. Harvested from a crossbreed of Wedding Cake and Purple Punch exhibits the thrilling combo of calmness and energetic mode. Let’s a quick move to highlight the causative flavors of Wedding Crashers.

Breed  Flavors 
Wedding Cake Smooth Vanilla
Purple Punch Mixed Berries
Symbiotic  Mellow & Earthy

Wrapping Up

In order to seek the latest and most exotic flavors of THCA hemp flower, you can switch to Dr.Ganja. A large selection of THCA flower varieties on Dr.Ganja is awaiting you to enhance your taste and flavor with its ultimate dynamite cannabis collection. With the three incredible strains, Indica, Sativa, and Hybrid, you can get calm and energetic effects. Whereas, a huge array of THCA flower variants are excellent choices for the bar, music parties, watching movies, and other activities. However, Jelousy, Mochi, Blue Coma, and Wedding Crasher stand in the first queue. So, you can choose what you want more among them. Or visit the site to opt for another one that might you love most. 

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