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What Are Metal Roof Tiles Made Of? Understanding Your Options

Are you thinking of replacing your roof tiles with something new and modern? Have you considered metal roof tiles as an option? Metal roof tiles are durable and stylish and come in various designs that can fit any home’s aesthetics. However, choosing the right materials is crucial when planning your roofing project. This starts with you understanding the material they are made of. In this article, Colony Roofers explains metal roof tiles and the different materials used to make them.

Before describing the different materials that make up metal roof tiles, first understand what a metal roof tile is.

What Is A Metal Roof Tile?

A metal roof tile is a roof covering made up of long, overlapping panels or sheets installed in a shingle-like pattern. It is composed of metals, like aluminum, that come in various sizes and finishes.

The design feature of metal roof tiles gives them a look similar to traditional wood shakes or clay tiles, thus giving them a tile-like appearance. In addition, metal roof tiles are installed in a manner similar to clay tiles. However, their installation involves attaching them to roof decks using screws or clips.

Now that we know what a metal roof tile is let’s explore the different materials used to make them.

What Are Metal Roof Tiles Made Of?

Several materials are used to make metal roof tiles. Here is a review of the most common materials used for metal roof tiles.

  • Aluminum

Aluminum is known for its lightweight nature despite also being durable. This material has a comparatively higher strength-to-weight ratio than other metals, making it an ideal choice for metal roof tiles. This simply means that you need a lower weight of aluminum to achieve the same strength as other materials. 

Pros Of Aluminum Tiles

Let’s now look in detail at the pros of aluminum roof tiles:


Aluminum is a highly malleable material, making it easy to shape and configure into different profiles. This makes aluminum roof tiles a great option for complex architectural designs.


As mentioned earlier, aluminum is lightweight, so it puts less pressure on the underlying structure of your roof compared to other tiles. With a weight that can go as low as 5 lbs per square foot, aluminum is a lightweight choice for metal roof tiles.


Aluminum is rust-resistant, so it can withstand harsh weather conditions such as heavy rainfall and coastal weather environments. So, while sea salt spray causes other metallic tiles to corrode, aluminum will remain unscathed.

Cons Of Aluminum Tiles

Having looked at the pros of aluminum tiles, let’s now look at some of its cons:

Prone To Denting

Due to their soft nature and malleability, aluminum tiles are prone to dents when exposed to hail storms and other extreme weather conditions.

Less Availability

Aluminum tiles are comparably less available than metal tiles. This is partly due to there being fewer manufacturers that make them. In addition, there are fewer color options available.

  • Steel

Steel is a popular choice for roof tiles. This alloy of carbon and iron is durable and strong.

Pros Of Steel Tiles

Let’s look in detail at the advantages of steel roof tiles:


Steel is durable, thus making it a popular choice for metal tiles. This material is resistant to warping, chipping, cracking, and denting. And has been shown to withstand hail wind forces of up to 140 mph.

Cost Effective

Steel roofing tiles are among the most cost-effective metal roofing materials. On average, steel costs a third of zinc and copper. In addition, steel also costs about 35% lower than aluminum.

  • Copper Tiles

Copper is also a durable and strong metal often used in roof tiles. This material undergoes a natural process known as patination, which results in an appealing green-blue hue.

Pros Of Copper Tiles

Let’s explore the advantages of copper as a roofing material:


The unique patina that copper develops over time gives roofs an extremely attractive appearance.

Corrosion Resistant

Cooper is also naturally corrosion-resistant, so it is a great choice for coastal and wet environments.

Cons Of Copper Tiles


Copper roof tiles are one of the most expensive metal roof options.


As a soft metal, copper can also dent easily when exposed to extreme weather conditions.

Several materials are used for metal roof tiles, each with pros and cons. Aluminum is lightweight and malleable but prone to denting. Steel is durable and cost-effective but has limited color options. Copper is beautiful and corrosion-resistant but expensive. Ultimately, the best material for your roof will depend on factors such as budget, environment, weather conditions, and aesthetic preferences.  Your knowledge of the different types of metal tiles can help you make the best decision for your roof.


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